In a life settled in a closed apartment amidst city-rush – A balcony is a small escape from being a machine. It serves as an opening to the world, a window to freshness. Therefore, we encourage you to use our Balcony Garden Ideas. Design your balcony into a house of plants and enjoy a bond with nature. Moreover, it will make you a lot more creative, energetic and lively.

Although, setting up a Balcony Garden design is not a simple task. It takes research, hard work, patience, and creative skills to develop a garden in a small place. You need to work-out the perfect layout for the given area. Additionally, pick the right plants for balcony garden so that they can survive in that particular environment.

Balcony Garden Ideas

Well, let us start with basic tips for garden in balcony. You first need to know following things to get started:

  • Direction of your balcony.
  • Availability of direct sunlight.
  • How are you going to water the plants?
  • Suitable plants.
  • Correct Pots, Mud/Sand, fertilizer
  • Waste Disposal

With that being said, let me tell you importance of each point mentioned above.

Direction of your balcony – You need to know the direction of your balcony so that you can predict when and how much sunlight you are going to get. It will also help you predict the wind-direction and its impact on your balcony garden design.

Availability of Direct Sunlight – Know the number of hours you will have sun in your balcony. If you have a balcony on the Northern side of your building – That probably means that you will not get any direct sunlight. Therefore, you might have to pick plants which can survive without photosynthesis.

Watering Method – Either you might have a tap connection in your balcony or you can buy a hosepipe/watering can. Some people do also use a drip-water system for efficient watering to the plants.

Suitable Plants – When you have known the availability of sunlight and water in your balcony, you can now select suitable plants for the garden design in balcony. I recommend consulting an Architect / Interior Designer / Landscape Artist / Horticulture specialist for the same.

Trending Balcony Garden in India

India is a rapidly developing country. We have availability of almost every resource in the world. The nation is also adapting to the city-residence culture. Therefore, many families that have shifted from open rural/semi-urban residences into closed apartments – are choosing for Balcony Gardens. Later, we will also discuss Vastu Tips for Balcony in home.

Let me show you some of trending balcony garden Ideas in India:

Balcony Garden Ideas Design in India architect interior designer

This style of developing a garden in your balcony will require a big exterior space. Probably something like a verandah. These Roof gardens are very famous in coastal cities like Goa and Chennai. You can even plant big tree-like plants. Beware, you can only provide a small pot for their roots. Additionally, you can put some sitting fixtures to enjoy the evening in your home garden. Make sure your gardener clears the dry-leaves time to time or it will only make your garden look dirty. Consider using shrub-like flowering plants which are suitable for the tropical and humid environment. Do not use leather-covered furniture in open balconies.

Balcony Garden in India Design plants for balcony lawn

This Balcony Garden Ideas design could be implemented in any small balcony. It does not require much hard-work. All you need to do is buy some fancy flowerpots and put them in your balcony. Now plant some small flowering plants in them. Make sure that your balcony is properly covered or tie the pots with a good rope. So that they do not fall-down in strong winds. You do not have to clean such Balcony Garden Ideas very often. This design do also have negative side. Firstly, you will not have much space to put a chair and enjoy your time off. Secondly, it does not look as good as other ideas. It is just something to go with when you have no other option.

Tips for Balcony Garden Design

After having discussed about trending gardens in balcony – let us now talk about design considerations during balcony garden design:

  • Do not over-crowd your balcony with a huge number of flowerpots.
  • Use a single long flowerpot instead of multiple smaller ones.
  • Select the plants or vegetables for balcony garden based on their fitness for the given environment.
  • Ensure regular watering and grooming of your plants.
  • Keep a place for one or more chairs in your balcony garden design.
  • If your plants can not bear the amount of sunlight – shade your balcony with shading elements.
  • A partition made of half cut bamboo sticks is best for shading natural roof-top gardens. Learn more about using light with Interior Design.
  • Apply a water-resistant coating at the top of your floor.
  • This will save your residence floor from getting water seepage issues.
  • You can use soft thin jaali to save your balcony plants from stray birds.
  • Your balcony garden design could be the favorite place for your home-pet.
  • Consider designing a pet-house with the garden itself.
  • Pets like squirrels, Dogs, Cats, and birds love to hang-out in gardens set in balconies.

Balcony Garden Vastu – What to Avoid

Although, Vastu Tips for balcony garden allows installing one in almost every side of the house. Yet, it is more auspicious to have one in the Eastern side of your apartment. Here is a list of things to avoid as per Vaastu Shastra tips on garden design in balcony:

  1. Never ever have a cactus or Peepal plant in your home-garden.
  2. If in any case, a plant dries/dies – instantly remove it away.
  3. A Tulsi Plant in your balcony garden design is very auspicious.
  4. Make sure none of the plants are allergic to the residents or the pets.
  5. Perform Surya-Namaskar daily in your balcony Garden. This will keep your health up.
  6. Spray some water on the leaves of the plants during watering.
  7. If you are using Indoor Plants – Make sure they are placed at a position without sunlight.
  8. Try avoiding plants with prongs.
  9. A well-maintained design of balcony garden brings positive energy into the house.
Creative Balcony Garden Ideas in India Vastu for balcony garden

There are a lot more tips on balcony garden design. This article is too short to describe them all at once. You can contact our designers for more. Our expert Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Planners and Vastu specialists can design a perfect garden for your roof and any space in your house. We are expert Balcony Garden Ideas provider and delivery-person for the same. All you need to do is pick your phone and give us a call on the number mentioned at our contact page.

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