Lighting is an essential component of Interior Design. Proper use of lighting fixtures in Interiors can convert a normal bedroom into a soothing environment. It is quite an art to use different techniques of light and its glare inside a building. There are places where you need bright lights and then there are places where you need to limit the brightness.

Usually you can divide lighting in two segments:

  1. Natural
  2. Artificial Light

Direct Sunlight entering room and landing on sofa.

Sun rays planned to not reach sofa in interior design for living room.

Let’s start our conversation with discussing about how to use sunlight properly in interiors. Sunlight is not only the only natural source for light but also one of most strong sources. During interior home design one should always be careful about its use. Using too much direct sunlight or at wrong places could cause troubles during daily chores.

Above illustrated two images show different use of direct sunlight by an interior designer. While getting sunlight indoors, you should restrict it from reaching on your face. Direct sunlight causes glare which leads to improper vision.

interior decoration by a interior designer with artificial light ideas interior

In above image, you can see how various artificial lighting elements are used to lit up a living area. It is always smart to use multiple artificial light sources instead of single. This allows light to diffuse from bright elements and feel comfy.

We can also divide light on the basis of its properties: Direct and Diffused.

Direct Light is used in spaces where you want to create sharp shadows or where it just doesn’t matter. White reading our interior design ideas you can find many tips for it. Open spaces, living area corners, toilets are the best place to use direct brightness.

In most of other areas, diffused or multiple source lighting is best choice. Interior design bedroom ideas suggest such concepts in deeper values. Diffused light does not create glare and thus is more comfortable for eyes.


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