A child learns from the environment he/she lives in. If you will provide your kid with positive and learning environment – He/She will more likely to grow up as a smart kid. Therefore, it is quite necessary to consider the sitting position and the study table impacts. Here, we are going to discuss Vastu for Study Table according to Vaastu Shastra.

Study Table Vastu Importance

The environment around us works like a support. It might help us focus and concentrate on the thing we want to do. OR it might turn our mind into a puzzle of confusions and disturbance.

Vastu for Study Table is a list of guidelines which will help your kid focus his concentration on the study. It will enhance its capabilities of learning and remembering. Thus, the kid will prosper more and be smarter than ever. Moreover, if you place study table as per vastu rules – it will also give your a kid a clear view to his/her focused content.

Study Table Vastu Tips

Our Vastu Experts in Jaipur are more than happy to share Vastu study table guide with you.

  • Study table shall be placed in a way that the kid faces East, North or North-East direction.
  • The table shall be made from solid and good quality wood.
  • You can check the wood quality by lightly hammering it with your fingertips. The wood shall not make a high-bass sound.
  • A window in the left side OR in front of the table helps to gain proper light during studying. In case of a left-handed person – the window could be on right side too.
  • Keep the table clean and dust-free.
  • Study Table as per Vastu Shastra shall be placed a few inches away from the wall.
  • You can place the table-lamp in the South-East corner of the table.
  • The water bottle shall be placed in the North-East corner of Study table per Vastu.
Vastu for Study Table Tips and Rules by Vaastu Shastra Expert VaastuShubh
  • Any sort of electric equipment including clock, calculator or calendar shall be placed in the South-East corner only.
  • Keep the study chair and table in good shape. They should not make any chirping sound.
  • Do not keep a dustbin under the table.

Avoid the following:

Until now you know how to place the study table with Vastu point of view. Now, I will tell you what to avoid.

  • Do not stick negative energy poster(s) near a study table. Moreover, try to cloud it with posters depicting something good or learn-able.
  • Do not touch the study table to the wall. This will reduce the kid’s capability of finding solutions out of the box.
  • The body of the studying person should not make a shadow on the table.
  • The design of the table should not include glass in it.

I hope now all your doubts regarding Study Vastu are clear. You can learn more by connecting with our Vastu Experts. Also, tell us what else you would like to know about.

We would love to hear from you. Please do share your suggestions, queries, and feedback with us. You can also follow us on VaastuShubh social platform links. After reading our Vastu for Study Table article, please consider reading about how to place Clock in home.

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