Wall clocks are the most ignored features during Home Design Vastu. Very few people actually practice Vastu for Clock during its placement. Usually, we just hang clocks on the wall wherever we find fit. But, According to Vastu Shastra guidelines – A clock can have a great impact on the overall Vastu.

Every element in the house has certain energy connected to it. Similarly, Clocks tend to have some vibes too. We should place them to enhance positive energy in the home while negating the negative. With that being said, let me get to Clock Vastu Tips:

Follow these Vastu for Clock Tips

  1. Locate the wall clocks in your house on North Wall preferably.
  2. In secondary case, you can hang them on East wall too.
  3. The last option to put a clock is on West Wall.
  4. Do not hang a clock in the Varandah outside your house.
  5. As per Clock Vastu Shastra – All clocks in your residence shall be working all the time.
  6. Keep the time in your watches at right or a few minutes ahead.
  7. You should be able to see a clock on wall when you get up in your bedroom. Position the clock accordingly.
  8. Clean all the clocks in your house on regular intervals.
  9. If we talk about Wall Clock Vastu Color – Use light colors like Kesari, Parrot or sky blue.

This does almost cover all you need to know on Vastu for Clock. Moreover, let me also tell you what you should not do. Afterall, Clock Vastu is better when we do it completely right.

Vastu for Clock Vastu Tips for Wall Clock Expert Creative Design Ideas

Wall clock & clock Vastu Alerts

After talking about what you should do to set Vastu Clock Tips Correctly, let us know what to avoid for the same.

  1. Do not use broken or partially damaged Wall Clock & Clock in your residence.
  2. Avoid dark color watches inside your house. This is strongly against Vastu for Wall clocks.
  3. While sleeping on your bed, you should not be able to see any part of the bed in any wall clock’s glass. It is not advised under Vastu Tips for Bedroom.
  4. Never ever place a clock on a Southern wall. It is highly inauspicious.
  5. Do not put clocks in corners.

We have covered most of Vastu for Clock Tips in this article. Yet, there are a few points which are particular to the situation. You can ask for those Clock Vastu Shastra rules in our comments section or on a call to our Vastu Experts.

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