This article contains random Vastu Tips for home. These tricks can help you get yourself a vastu friendly interior. Tips for kitchen, living area, bedroom, and toilets are mentioned in this post. Instead of creating a specific area vastu tip collection, we compiled random vastu solution ideas in this article.

Less Known Vastu Tips for Home

Designing a Vastu Friendly home is not that easy. It needs special attention to every tiny detail. Vastu affects health, finance and behavior of everyone.

-Ar. Neelesh sharma
vastu tips for home along with vastu architects in jaipur

The ancient Indian art of Vastu Shastra is quite rich. As it continued with time, it lost some of its knowledge in books and acquired more through next saints. Basically, Vastu tips kept evolving with time. Yet, Great Indian ancestors managed to save this knowledge through writing them down.

Many astrologers and Architects took special interest in Vastu. Vastu increased their understanding towards building a home and keeping it peaceful. Here are few tips:

  1. Vastu Architects suggest building Living Area in East.
  2. Master Bedroom in South West direction increases financial income in the house. Read more in Vastu Tips for Bedroom – Complete Guide.
  3. The central portion of a vastu friendly home should be obstruction-less. It should not have any heavy building element. If possible, keep it open to the sky.
  4. Always keep your house clean and tidy.
  5. Throw away the garbage on regular basis. Your kitchen sink should not have any dirty cutlery at the night.
  6. Never clean the house during or after the sunset.
  7. Vastu Tips or Home – No mirror should be visible from any bed.
  8. Vastu Tips for Kitchen – Face East or South when you prepare food.
  9. A backdoor in a house is not considered auspicious.
  10. Doors should not make any noise during opening or closing. Consider oiling them time to time.

These were just a few tips to get you started with home vastu tips. You can explore our website for more insights. Fee free to give us a call and receive free vastu consultancy. We would be glad to help you.


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